Since Sept. 2016, I’m pursuing my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Peking University, under the supervision of Prof. Ming Zhang. I have also been closely working with Prof. Jian Tang, who is my supervior at Mila during Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019.

Research interests

  • Deep Learning, Data Mining
  • Recommender Systems
  • Graph Representation Learning


  1. Aug. 2019. Our paper “AutoInt: Automatic Feature Interaction Learning via Self-Attentive Neural Networks” was accepted at CIKM’2019.
  2. Jul. 2019. A graph representation learning literature repository was released at MilaGraph.
  3. Mar. 2019. We release our codes and datasets on recommender systems at MilaGraph.
  4. Oct. 2018. Our paper “Session-based Social Recommendation via Dynamic Graph Attention Networks” was accepted at WSDM’2019.
  5. Spt. 2018. I began my internship at Mila, under the supervision of Prof. Jian Tang.
  6. Feb. 2018. Our team ranked 3rd out of 575 teams in WSDM Cup Challenge, 2018.